About Our Foundation

The Institute for Governance and Democracy (IDGS) for Somalia is a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Mogadishu, Somalia. The organization was established in July 2020 to promote Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights and Accountability in Somalia's public and private sectors. The IDGS's programs are implemented with the assistance of public and private sector organizations and leaders across the country. For the Somali public and private sector to be accountable to its citizens, IDGS aims to ensure the people are aware of their rights and responsibilities so they can work with their Government as partners to promote Democracy, Good Governance, Human Rights and Accountability in Somalia's public and private sectors. To achieve this, the institute is dedicated to focusing on strengthening the civic education system in Somalia, advancing the capacity of our public institutions and expanding the knowledge of the wider Somali public to  enable them to participate in having a say in how our nation moves forward. Every nation faces challenges and the solutions to these challenges are most effective when a great number of citizens are involved in making them. Participatory dialogue is a crucial tool for enabling citizens to participate in the political decision-making process. Our organization undertakes policy research, offers training courses and facilitates debate and dialogue. Our programs focus on fundamental rights and the spirit of the Constitution, democratic development, tradition and institutions in Somalia to encourage critical and creative ways of thinking and stimulating civic activism to promote diversity, the rule of law and good governance.


Since our organization was established in 2020, the principal sources of funding for the institute have been from members contributions. As a non-partisan organization, support is received from individuals and public- and private-sector organizations from across the responsible political spectrum in Somalia. This has included, most significantly, support from leading members of the institute in the Somalia education sector.


There are several ways to partner with IDGS. While the type of partnership is dependent on the specific interests of our partners, IDGS is committed to developing trust and effective two-way communication as the foundation for building a collaborative partnership.